Samplepack: Circuit bent toy keyboard „Die schönsten Kinderlieder“

This is my first samplepack. I bought this toy keyboard for 50 cents on a local flea market and it was glued onto a book which teaches children how to play simple melodies and lean how to read music. It runs on three button cells and – suprise – is polyphonic! The model I got was already in „bent“ shape due to heavy use by the previous owner. Polyphonic play leads to very nice sounding distortion. I added a switch that makes it glitch completely and another switch that makes all sounds very raw and impulse-like (but more or less still chromatic). A potentiometer controls the probability of random glitches while playing (especially polyphonically) and controls, if the lower half of the keyboard plays the raw sound mentioned above while the upper half stays more or less normal.

The Sample pack consists of the following folders. Please note that I did NOT tune the samples due to authenticity reasons – this toy is playing more or less chromatically but is far away from being tuned at all:
– 1_basic: the piano-like standard-sound of the keyboard (already mapped)
– 2_distorted_octave: playing two or more keys at the same time leads to distortion – in the case of octaves slight distortion (already mapped)
– 3_distorted_major_thirds: major thirds – and more distortion (already mapped)
– 4_distorted_minor_thirds: minor thirds – and more distortion (already mapped)
– 5_chords: various chords which sond even more distorted (not mapped as not meant for chromatic play)
– 6_glitchy_stuff: a small selection of very nice sounding glitches.
– 7_impulsepiano: a whole new keyboard – sounding somewhat raw and low squarewavish

This samplepack was recorded and mapped with Steinberg Halion 6. The mapping works automatically if you drag and drop the files into the ableton sampler.

I’m releasing the samplepack for free. If you like my stuff follow me on instagram – and feel free to contact me if you want to share anything, show music you made with the samples or want to give feedback (be nice, I’m just starting).