This is the nanoGroovebox. It’s a puredata-Patch that makes the KORG nanoKONTROL2 a sequencer-based groovebox including three drum tracks and one synth track. This project emerged while I was learning pure data, so the code might be a bit of a mess and redundant, but it actually sounds quite nice. I’m running it on a raspberry pi with patchbox OS and pisound.

Please note that I just created the control stuff going on. Evverything sound related is an accumulation of existing pd-material. In detail: synth engine and effects by martin brinkmann (lgpl2 and cc by sa) // kick, snare and hihat by

Current Version: v0.1

Not implemented yet:
– Ableton Link sync
– deactivate pitch steps (which atm are activated as the sliders are moved).
– more features

1. You need a KORG nanoKONTROL2. The first version does not work as it does not allow the led’s to be triggered. Get one and proceed to step two.
2. Download and install the KORG Kontrol Editor here. Start the programm and select all buttons. Set „LED mode“ on the „Control“ Page to „LED Mode“ external. Select all buttons and set „Button behaviour“ to „toggle“.
3. Install pure data vanilla from here or, if you are using a Raspberry Pi via “ sudo apt-get install puredata“. Select the nanoKONTROl-device in the midi preferences.
4. Download the Groovebox-Patch here and start it with pure data. Activate DSP. Enjoy!


These are the basic controls.
Button „play“: starts/stops the sequence
Buttons „S“ (solo): Adds/removes a step of the kickdrum within the sequence.
Buttons „M“ (mute): Adds/removes a step of the hihat within the sequence.
Buttons „R“ (rec): Adds/removes a step of the snaredrum within the sequence.
Potentiometers: The potentiometers control various values (see below) for each of the drum voices and the synth:
Sliders: The sliders Control the pitch value of the sequence. They are activated as they are moved. Only whole midi notes.
Under „MARKER“: „SET“ activates toe potentiometer controls for the kickdrum, „<“ for the hihat and „>“ for the snaredrum.
Under „TRACK“: „<“ activates page 1 of the synth control (potentiometers“, „>“ activates page 2.

The potentiometers control various values. Which instrument (kick, hihat, snare, synth) is selected is determined via the TRACK/MARKER-Controls (see above)

Poti 1: Highpass
Poti 2: Lowpass
Poti 3: Filter Resolution
Poti 4: Pitch Shifter
Poti 5: Pitch Shifter
Poti 6: Distortion
Poti 7: Distortion
Poti 8: Volume

Synth (Page 1)
Poti 1: Filter
Poti 2: Resonance
Poti 3: Envelope
Poti 4: OSC mix
Poti 5: Reverb level
Poti 6: Reverb character
Poti 7: Reverb dry/wet
Poti 8: Volume

Synth (Page 2)
Poti 1: OSC 1 Wave
Poti 2: OSC 1 PW
Poti 3: OSC 1 TP
Poti 4: OSC 1 Detune
Poti 5: OSC 2 Wave
Poti 6: OSC 2 PW
Poti 7: OSC 2 TP
Poti 8: OSC 2 Detune